Sustainable Impact Approach

Conservation and Recycling

Renzi energy conservation and recycling efforts include motion-detecting light switches, high efficiency light bulbs and fixtures in our facilities, as well as recycling bins for paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and shrink wrap. We do our part to reduce paper waste with our customers and vendors through electronic transactions. All empty toner cartridges are recycled and sent back to the manufacturer to recycle and reuse. Used tires are sent back to the manufacturer for recycling and safe disposal.

Energy Conserving

All Renzi trucks feature the latest energy conserving refrigeration systems, compartmentalized based on temperature to use the least amount of refrigeration possible.

Reducing Cost and Waste

We distribute and use energy star machines and environmentally friendly solutions that help control costs and waste.

Environmentally Conscious Products

Renzi offers many environmentally conscious products such as natural meats, organic items, fresh farm raised local produce, recycled paper products and plastic ware. Renzi is also focused on more concentrated packaging options to lower energy consumption.

Local Matters

As a registered Pride of New York Vendor, we encourage local economic progress by partnering with over 33 New York Pride vendors. Renzi Foodservice is proud to be on the forefront of providing locally grown produce, green items and local beef products while understanding the significance of sustainability, food miles and the effect agriculture has on our environment. We understand the importance of our local communities and our corporate responsibility to conduct all our business practices responsibly and sustainably. As one of the largest family-owned and operated companies in Northern and Central New York, our commitment to social responsibility in servicing our local communities is the cornerstone of our Delivering the Difference mission.