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Harbor Banks: Seared Atlantic Salmon Slices

Harbor Banks®

Seared Atlantic Salmon Slices

Product ID: 1008206
Pack Size: 32/3 Oz.
Servings/Case: 32
Serving Size: 1 Package (85 g / 3 Oz.)

Product Details

Our new Harbor Banks® Seared Atlantic Salmon Slices will be loved by operators for their ease of use and plate presentation. This brings another consistently pre-sliced and flavorful product that supports sustainable seafood through BAP certification that can be added to the menu in multiple applications. It has a mild pepper and garlic rub, with a tender bright pink interior that is perfect for salads, bowls or enhancing starters!


    • Center-cut farm-raised Atlantic salmon is rubbed with pepper and garlic, then seared
    • Sashimi grade, ready-to-use
    • Serve Good®: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4-Star certified
    • Individually Vacuum Packed (IVP), frozen, 6-10 slices per 3 oz. package


    • On-Trend: seared salmon is projected to grow 20% on U.S. menus in the next 4 years*
    • 60 minutes of labor savings per case: eliminates measuring, rubbing, searing, slicing and portioning
    • Versatile: with a mild flavor that can be used in multiple applications, including as sushi, in a seared salmon grain bowl, atop salads or as a seared salmon avocado toast

*Datassential, 2023

Preparation Instructions

    • Keep frozen until ready to use. Open frozen package, remove salmon and thaw under refrigeration. Once thawed, serve as is. Do not refreeze

Menu Ideas

    • Seared Salmon Served with Ponzu Sauce and Seaweed Salad
    • Seared Salmon Sushi Tacos
    • Seared Salmon Tartare with Avocado
    • Cucumber Cream Cheese Sushi Roll with Seared Salmon

Recommended for: Bar & Grill, Steak & Seafood, Asian - Non-Chinese, Mexican, European - Non-Italian, Ethnic - Middle Eastern, African, Etc.


Learn more about the US Foods® Serve Good® program.


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