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Chef's Line: Salted Caramel Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

Chef's Line®

Salted Caramel Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

Product ID: 1005622
Pack Size: 3 Gal.
Servings/Case: 72
Serving Size: 2/3 Cup (108 G)

Product Details

Coming on the heels of the great success of our Chef’s Line® desserts, this new treat will make a chocolate lover’s day. Our newest Chef’s Line Salted Caramel Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream is a blend of rich chocolate ice cream, mini-brownie pieces and a decadent salted caramel swirl. With high butterfat and low overrun, this will be the dessert of choice for a diner looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.


    • Chocolate ice cream with a rich sea salt caramel swirl and tender mini-brownie pieces
    • Minimum 15% butterfat and low overrun
    • Kosher certified
    • Contains no ingredients found on the US Foods® Unpronounceables List®*
    • Frozen


    • On-Trend: salted caramel is on 7.9% of menus, and has grown 5% in menu penetration over the past year**
    • Premium ice cream with high butterfat and low overrun for a more indulgent sensory experience
    • Upsell: unique mash-up of flavors to help operators differentiate their dessert offering

  *Does not include product marketed and sold by third-party licensees. Processing aids and potential cross-contact during production are not in scope for this program.
**Datassential, 2023.

Preparation Instructions

    • Ready to serve

Menu Ideas

    • As a milkshake, sundae or an ice cream sandwich

Recommended for: Varied Menu, Steak & Seafood, Bar & Grill, Family Style & Diners, Ice Cream & Yogurt, Coffee, Smoothies & Juices


Learn more about the US Foods® Unpronounceables List®.

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