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Pacific Jade: Korean BBQ Style Spring Rolls

Pacific Jade®

Korean BBQ Style Spring Rolls

Product ID: 7161360
Pack Size: 4/36 Ct.
Servings/Case: 48
Serving Size: 3 Spring Rolls (85 G)

Product Details

We’ve packed this popular trend in a unique handheld item. Barbeque has been a staple of Korean cuisine for centuries, and now it’s hotter than ever. Currently trending on menus, Korean BBQ is looking to grow in popularity by over 30% over the next 4 years.* Popular among Gen Z, this unique twist on a traditional favorite is sure to spice up menu offerings.


    • Ingredients build off traditional Korean BBQ: tender beef, bean thread vermicelli noodles, cabbage, gochujang, pear purée and mirin
    • Can be baked or fried
    • Approximately 1 oz. each roll
    • Frozen


    • On-Trend: helps meet the increasing demand for Korean BBQ dishes with expected growth on menus over 30% in the next 4 years*
    • 120 minutes of labor savings per case: eliminates washing, cutting, mixing, seasoning, filling and rolling
    • Time-Saving: features include a quick fry time to achieve crispy perfection
    • Ideal as a shareable appetizer or a unique upsell to bowls, wraps and more
    • Holds well under a heat lamp

     * Datassential, 2023

Preparation Instructions

    • Keep frozen until ready to use
    • Deep Fryer: Heat from frozen at 350°F for 3½ to 4 minutes. Shake basket halfway through heating time
    • Conventional Oven: 450°F for 11-12 minutes
    • Appliances vary. Adjustments may be necessary to heat thoroughly

Menu Ideas

    • Korean BBQ Style Spring Roll Served With Sweet Chili Sauce
    • Sticky Bulgogi Egg Roll Bowl
    • Korean BBQ Style Spring Roll Wrap

Recommended for: Bar & Grill, American Regional - Southwest, Cajun, Etc, Chinese, Asian - Non-Chinese, Ethnic - Middle Eastern, African, Etc

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