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Devonshire: Glazed Old-Fashioned Donut


Glazed Old-Fashioned Donut 

Product ID: 1014995
Pack Size: 24/2.82 Oz.
Servings/Case: 24
Serving Size: 1 Donut (80 G)

Product Details

In recent years, having high-quality grab-and-go options has been critical to operator success. With high-end, artisanal donuts continuing to be popular with consumers, we’re expanding our lineup with a truly delicious, premium donut that lives up to the Devonshire® brand name. An old-fashioned donut is one of the perennial bestsellers, with a craggy appearance that looks like it’s made back-of-house – and this Devonshire donut will become a new favorite. Labeled for individual sale, it’s a convenient takeout item for on-the-go breakfast or an afternoon coffee break.


    • Glazed old-fashioned cake donut
    • Scratch appearance and taste profile
    • Ready-to-eat, just thaw and serve
    • Individually-wrapped, perfect for grab-and-go
    • 24 per case; individually quick frozen
    • 5-day shelf life after thawing
    • 2.82 oz. per donut


    • Unique: offering the operator a high-quality, grab-and-go option
    • Profit-Builder: perfect size for an impulse add-on by the consumer

Preparation Instructions

    • Thaw in the sealed original package at room temperature for a minimum of 3 hours, or overnight

Menu Ideas

    • Glazed Old-Fashioned Donut Topped with Blueberry Compote and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
    • Old-Fashioned Donut Double Cheeseburger
    • Bacon and Egg Old-Fashioned Donut Grilled Cheese

Recommended for: Bar & Grill, Sandwich & Delis, Bakery & Donuts, Coffee, Smoothies & Juices, Ice Cream & Yogurt

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