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Cattleman's Selection: All Natural* Crumbles Ground Beef

Cattleman's Selection®

All Natural* Crumbles® Ground Beef

Product ID: 1003455
Pack Size: 10 Lb. Avg.
Servings/Case: Varied
Serving Size: 4 Oz. (112 G)

Product Details

Hiring skilled and committed labor continues to be a foodservice industry challenge. In a fast-paced restaurant, operators can only prep so much, but with our new Cattleman's Selection® Crumbles® Ground Beef you don't need to worry! Our product is raw and ready to cook from frozen, requiring no time to thaw. It's perfect for those nights when the dinner rush is more than expected.


    • Raw, unseasoned, finely ground beef in free-flowing crumble format
    • All natural*
    • 80% lean and 20% fat
    • Individually quick frozen

*No artificial ingredients, minimally processed.


    • Time-Saving: eliminates the thawing process, leading to faster preparation and faster cooking. Cooks from frozen in less than 10 minutes
    • Waste-Saving: Cook a little at a time from frozen to avoid wasted ingredients, making pivoting to busy or slower times simple and efficient
    • Cost-Saving: use only as much as you need to limit waste

Preparation Instructions

    • Pour a single layer (less than 1" high) of frozen Crumbles® Ground Beef into medium-high preheated, dry pan or skillet. Cook until browned, stirring occasionally. Internal temperature should reach 160°F as measured by a food thermometer. Ready in 5-10 minutes. Drain fat and season or sauce as desired
    • Cooking times and temperatures may vary due to equipment

Menu Ideas

    • Korean Style Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps
    • Umami Ground Beef Nachos with Corn Pico
    • Southwest Beef and Root Vegetable Skillet

Recommended for: Varied Menu, Bar & Grill, Family Style & Diners, American Regional - Southwest, Cajun, Etc, Italian, Latin American, Burgers

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