Renzi Non-Foods Guides

Stirrers, Straws & Cutlery

Browse a variety of these basics, including eco-friendly and compostable options.
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Film, Foil & Paper Wraps

Renzi Foodservice has dozens of items to help your foodservice establishment store pre-made or leftover food safely and securely, including plastic film, foil rolls, paper wraps and more!
View the Film, Foil & Paper Wraps Guide


Paper Cups, Plates & Trays

Stock up on the right cups for hot or cold beverages, and browse a variety of paper plates and trays from Dixie. 
View the Paper Cups, Plates & Trays Mini Guide


Disposable Gloves

Renzi Foodservice has a variety of disposable gloves to help your foodservice establishment prepare and serve food safely!
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Tork Paper Products

Having the right paper products stocked and available for your guests can greatly impact the overall dining experience. This guide includes a variety of Tork paper towel, napkin and dispenser options for all your needs. 
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Tork Restroom Essentials

Restroom essentials are a key part of any establishment - including soaps, sanitizers, bath tissue and all the dispensers to house them. Check out this Tork guide to view some of our options. 
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