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Shrimp Cocktail

Looking for the perfect way to cook shrimp cocktail? We've got you covered. By gently heating the water, the shrimp will be evenly cooked and infused with lemon and herbs, creating a heavily seasoned aromatic base.
2# Raw Shrimp, thawed (SKU #44228)
1 ea Lemon, juiced and rinds (SKU #860865)
1/4 bunch Parsley (SKU #89102)
2 oz Kosher Salt (SKU #92274)
2 oz Granulated Sugar (SKU #861626)
Ken's Cocktail Sauce (SKU #57130)


In a large pot, combine shrimp, lemon juice, lemons, parsley, kosher salt and sugar. Cover ingredients with water. Put pot
over medium heat.
Bring water up to 165°. Shock shrimp in an ice bath until completely chilled, then drain. Serve with cocktail sauce for a
classic holiday favorite.

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