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Grilled Striploin Steak


2 ea Center Cut Striploin Steaks (SKU #860156)
½ oz Durkee Steak Seasoning (SKU #68343)
2 fl oz Olive Oil (SKU #30173)


Pat steaks dry with towel. Pour olive oil over both steaks then season both sides of steaks generously with steak seasoning. Heat grill to medium high heat. Brush grill to remove any leftover debris. Oil or spray grill grates. Grill is ready when placing your hand over the grill is uncomfortably hot. Place steaks on the grill for about 1 minute then lift and turn 45 degrees to create a crosshatch grill marks continue to cook for about 2 minutes. Flip steak and follow the same procedure on the other side. For medium rare, pull steaks when an internal temperature reaches 125-130 degrees and let them rest. Pull at 135-140 degrees for medium. If you're looking for well done, leave your steak on until your internal temp is between 155 and 160 degrees.

Pair with:

8 oz Deluxe Mashed Potatoes (SKU #860981)
8 oz Asparagus (SKU #45086)
1 oz Garlic Butter Spread (SKU #68101)
Heat mashed potatoes on stove top or microwave. Melt garlic spread over medium heat in a medium sized sauté pan. Add asparagus to melted butter and cook until heated through.

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