From the Renzi Kitchen

Bavarian Pretzel with Beer Cheese and Brew Pub Mustard


#93509  -  1 ea Bavarian Prezel
#56153  -  2 oz Brew Pub Mustard
#00000  -  2 oz Beer Cheese

Beer Cheese
#73189  -  1 #10 Can Cheese Sauce
#00000  -  12 oz Beer, Ale or IPA
#28370  -  4 oz Spicy Brown Mustard
#75181  -  2 fl oz Worcestershire Sauce
#68261  -  Pinch Cayenne Pepper



Whisk cheese sauce, beer, mustard, Worcestershire and cayenne in a large bowl to combine. This can be heated to order or held hot in smaller portions for service. Wet the pretzel with a cloth and apply salt before baking. Serve warm with mustard and beer cheese.

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