Senator Ritchie Honors Renzi Foodservice with New York State Senate Empire Award

Released April 5, 2019

WATERTOWN, NY - At a recent visit to its headquarters in Watertown, State Senator Patty Ritchie presented the New York State Senate Empire Award to Renzi Foodservice for its charitable efforts throughout Central and Northern New York.

Renzi Foodservice began as a fresh, wholesale meat distribution company in 1977. Today, the company has grown to a fresh, wholesale food distribution company with approximately 200 employees, serving most of upstate New York and various markets around the Northeast.

In 2014, Renzi Foodservice created its Renzi Foodservice Charitable Foundation with a mission of "Delivering the Difference." In a partnership with the Northern New York Community Foundation, Renzi Foodservice has led the way in giving back to the community through financial grants for non-profits, providing food for local organizations and Fort Drum, donating Thanksgiving dinners throughout Central and Northern New York each year and much more.

"Renzi Foodservice is the definition of a success story—and it's inspiring to see how what started as small, family-owned business has grown tremendously to serve markets throughout the Northeast and provide hundreds of people with a great place to work," said Senator Ritchie.

"Equally as impressive is Renzi Foodservice's commitment to their community. Their charitable work has truly made a difference in the lives of countless people, and I am proud to recognize them with this well-deserved honor."

In December, thanks in part to the Renzi Foodservice Charitable Foundation, the Northern New York Community Foundation's Youth Philanthropy Council awarded more than $16,000 in grants to area non-profits in support of programs and projects designed to enhance local communities.