Renzi Foodservice Establishes Charitable Foundation

Released February 2, 2014

Renzi Foodservice Establishes Charitable Foundation

February 4, 2014


Watertown, NY - Through a substantial gift, the Renzi family and Renzi Foodservice, whose home office is in Watertown, has established a charitable foundation within the Northern New York Community Foundation. Renzi Foodservice is one of the largest family-owned and operated broad-line foodservice distributors in the Upstate/Central New York region. The company has a history dating back to 1977. The new foundation will enable the company to formalize its community reinvestment efforts in support of nonprofit organizations and schools.

"Being a part of community life and setting an example of leadership giving is essential to our personal values, beliefs, integrity and operating philosophy. We are partnering with the Northern New York Community Foundation to establish a formal way of contributing back to our servicing communities. Partnership with the Community Foundation allows Renzi Foodservice to look at our giving holistically and ensures that small and large contributions to local organizations are done effectively and efficiently," said Jude Renzi, Renzi Foodservice Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

"This is exactly what Community Foundations are engineered to do, and we are especially grateful when we can align our work with organizations and families who have such a profound commitment to giving back in meaningful ways," said Rande S. Richardson, Community Foundation Executive Director. "The Renzi family has an inspiring history of making a difference in the lives of others. This takes that to an even more profound level," Mr. Richardson said.

"At Renzi Foodservice, we are proud-and thankful-to be a contributing part of the communities in which we serve. We strive to practice our mission of delivering the difference in every community we serve by listening, respecting, and sharing in many of the same causes our customers and employees cherish. We are committed to improving people's lives in any way that we can," said Mr. Renzi.

The Northern New York Community Foundation works with individual and corporate donors, as well as non-profit organizations and schools, to enhance the overall value of their missions and interests.