Jefferson Community College partners with Renzi Foodservice to provide job training to new hires

Released November 7, 2020

WATERTOWN — Jefferson Community College has partnered with Renzi Foodservice to provide hands-on job training to 11 newly hired Renzi employees, allowing them to build their skills while gaining experience and earning wages.

Renzi launched the apprenticeship program in October to develop and retain skilled local employees. The partnership with JCC focuses on delivering professional skills training to CDL driver apprentices, and expands upon the company’s existing New York state accredited CDL driver training program.

“Our mission is to not only prepare students with an education, but also to empower and inspire them to succeed in their chosen career,” said Ty A. Stone, JCC president, in a statement about the partnership. “It is especially gratifying for the College to assist a long-standing North Country business with closing the gap between the skills of today’s workers and the in-demand skills required for today’s business to remain nimble and sustainable.”

JCC developed a tailored program for Renzi apprentices pursuing the “truck driver, heavy” trade made possible by a grant through the SUNY Apprenticeship Program operated in conjunction with the New York State Department of Labor.

The course, taught online by JCC business faculty, spans 15 weeks. Course topics include soft skill development in areas of communication, basic navigation, health and wellness and personal finance; team building skills; first aid, and OSHA safety training.

“Our Renzi drivers play an important role in keeping the North Country moving by ensuring healthcare facilities, schools, locally owned restaurants and other organizations have the supplies they need to serve our community,” said JoAnne Renzi Wise, director of Marketing and Community Relations at Renzi Foodservice, in a statement. “Jefferson has been crucial in helping us fulfill our mission of Delivering the Difference to our employees and providing rewarding career opportunities to the local talent base in our community.”

To learn more, call the JCC Workforce Development Division at 315-786-2233 or email


Article sourced from NNY360.