New Customer Pick Up Window Procedures

Renzi Foodservice COVID-19 Update – Customer Pickup Window Guidelines

To our valued customers,

Due to the escalating COVID-19 situation, Renzi Foodservice will be implementing the following guidelines for all pickup window orders, effective 03/23/2020.

    • All orders must be placed in advance and the call waiting room will not be accessible.
    • All orders for pick up will require 2 hours to process.
    • If additional product is needed at time of pick up, customer must call 315-788-5610 and dial 1 to place a new order with our Customer Support team.
    • Customers who are required to pay with their pick up order can pre-pay with use CREDIT CARD or pay in EXACT CASH at time of pickup.

Please note the new process for placing pickup window orders:

    • Customer to call 315-788-5610 and dial 1 to place an order with our Customer Support team
    • Renzi will call customer back after the order is processed with the exact amount of the order. At that time, Renzi will inquire as to how customer will be paying for product.
      • If paying via credit card (preferred) – Renzi will obtain the credit card information and process payment
      • If paying via cash – Renzi will let customer know the total order amount. The order must be paid for in EXACT cash. We will not be providing change.

Please note the new process for picking up orders:

    • Upon arrival for pick up – customer to call 315-955-7307 to inform Renzi they are here to pick up
    • Renzi warehouse personnel will bring the product, invoice (and credit card receipt, if applicable) out to the customer
    • Renzi warehouse personnel will obtain a signed invoice copy from the customer (and the exact cash, if applicable)
    • Renzi will no longer be placing orders into customers’ vehicles during pickup. Please be mindful of the weight of your items and be sure you and/or the people with you are capable of lifting the product into your vehicle.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these new guidelines during this challenging time. Our main priority is the safety of our team, our customers and the community and we thank you for allowing us to continue Delivering the Difference to you each day.