Local Partner: Café CaNole

Renzi is now offering local assorted Italian cookie boxes for all of your special occasions!

Since 1996, Cafe CaNole has been recognized and has received awards for its delicious one-of-a-kind creations. The Nole brothers, Jason and Dean, developed a passion for fine cuisine that has taken them around the world. They attended the Culinary Institute of America and worked in Boston, New York City, Italy and Japan. When the brothers reunited, they opened Café CaNole in New Hartford, New York.

Renzi Foodservice offers an Assorted Italian Cookie Box (#76000) from Café CaNole, that includes the following:

      • Cherry Amaretti – Almond paste cookie topped off with a delightful candied cherry
      • Raspberry Amaretti – Our almond paste cookie topped off with a delightful raspberry filling
      • Pistachio Amaretti – Our almond paste cookie topped with pistachio almonds
      • Toasted Almond Amaretti – Our almond paste cookie rolled in slivered almonds
      • Walnut Cranberry Orange Biscoti di Prato – Once baked chewy biscotti
      • Double Chocolate Cinnamon Biscotti di Prato – Once baked chewy biscotti
      • Double Chocolate Drop – Moist light cocoa flavored cake with chocolate bits and vanilla glaze
      • Lemon Drop – Moist light lemon flavored cake with lemon glaze
      • Cucidati - Sicilian fig and chocolate cookie
      • Linzer – Butter cookie with raspberry marmellata
      • Italian Wedding Cookie – Buttery vanilla short bread with chopped walnuts dressed in powdered sugar
      • Chocolate Over the Rainbow – Almond flavored cake layered with raspberry jam, draped in dark chocolate
      • Regina the Queen Cookie – A butter cookie with toasted sesame seeds

These cookies are hand folded, topped, trayed and frozen fresh – ready for display! It is the perfect item for special occasions and holidays. Try offering a “Chef’s Selection” cookie plate on your dessert menu or feature the whole box for guests to purchase for events or gifts.

Cafe CaNole has taken decades to create these recipes reminiscent of old world traditional Italian cookies. Each memorable cookie and pastry beholds a unique taste and chew that make people say – “it’s worth every bite!”

Order online today on Renzi Connect or ask your sales consultant for more details.

Learn more about Café CaNole: www.itswortheverybite.com.