Innovation & Growth

Technologically Advanced

Renzi uses state of the art technology to create viable and expedient routes to customers across the northeast. In addition to shutting their engines off at every delivery and pickup, special incentives are offered to each Renzi driver who has lowered their MPG rate; moreover, we use idle management technology in delivery trucks to help reduce emissions. This aids in our efforts to cut down on fuel costs as well as pollution. In addition, we have invested in cutting edge technology for our operations including on-board computers in our trucks, and real time wireless warehouse data management systems and in-bound barcode scanning and voice directed order picking in our warehouse. A newly designed and updated website includes Renzi Connect, our online ordering system, which provides our customers with an advanced business model that meets their ever-changing and growing needs.

Energy Conserving

All Renzi trucks feature the latest energy conserving refrigeration systems, compartmentalized based on temperature to use the least amount of refrigeration possible.

Raising the Standards

Food safety and sanitation is of the utmost importance to our company mission and we have maintained a 95% or above ASI audit score for the last five years. In 2015 we received the highest rating of 99.73% and recently completed our 2016 audit with another high rating of nearly 100%. The audit scores are given to a foodservice distribution facility for food safety, HACCP, sanitation, security and distributor best practices for compliance with an outside food safety auditing company. These high rating scores are among the highest given by ASI and speak to the unsurpassed dedication and tireless work ethic of our warehouse and facilities teams.