A Business Rooted in the Upstate New York Community for 45 Years


Renzi Brothers, Inc. is founded by brothers Mike & Roy Renzi as a fresh wholesale meat distribution company. With no prior business experience or higher education, the two brothers ventured on an entrepreneurial journey with the hope of success for their American Dream, built on a foundation of integrity and commitment to service.


Renzi becomes broadline foodservice distributor and moves to a larger facility at 948 Bradley Street in Watertown. The company also opened a small retail operation out of this facility, Renzi's Old Fashioned Meat Market, providing high-quality meats to the public.


Renzi joined UniPro Foodservice (formerly known as EMCO), the nation's largest independent food distribution cooperative, gaining access to collective buying power and value-added resources.


With the retirement of Roy Renzi, the company rebranded to Renzi Foodservice under the current and second generation of leadership, Mike's sons John, Jude and Dave Renzi.


Renzi Foodservice was named Distributor of the Year by UniPro Foodservice, a national recognition from the nation's largest independent food distribution cooperative.


Renzi began construction on a new state-of-the-art facility at 901 Rail Drive in Watertown, which remains the current site of the company's corporate headquarters today.

2012 - 2015

The company completed a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion of the facility in 2012, followed by an additional 40,000 sq. ft. expansion in 2015, resulting in the expansive 110,000 sq. ft. facility that exists today.


Renzi leadership established the Renzi Foodservice Charitable Foundation to formalize the company's community reinvestment and corporate social responsibility efforts in dedication to the local communities it serves.


Renzi Foodservice celebrated 40 years in business – with nearly 200 employees and four decades of commitment to local businesses and surrounding communities.


The company received the Key Distributor Award from UniPro Foodservice in recognition of its leadership and growth in the foodservice industry.


Renzi received the New York State Empire Award from State Senator Patty Ritchie in recognition of its charitable efforts and commitment to giving back to the Northern and Central New York communities.


Renzi Foodservice was named to the Technomic Power 50 List of Top Broadline Distributors in the Country, ranking among the nation's leading food distribution companies.

Present Day

Now in its 45th year of business, Renzi Foodservice is on a path of dynamic growth with a new expansion of its corporate headquarters in Watertown, continued investment in new offices in Syracuse and a truck domicile in Malone, and 250+ valued team members helping to achieve its mission of Delivering the Difference every day.


A True Family Business

All of the Renzi children currently or have previously worked for the family business
(front row from left to right: Jude, Mary, Dave, Lisa, John; standing: Nikki, JoAnne)