About Us

Renzi's commitment to service and dedication to our customers are the cornerstones to our Delivering the Difference mission. As one of the largest family-owned and operated companies in Northern and Central New York, we continue a tradition of being flexible to your business's ever-changing needs. Our reliability and overall goal of complete customer satisfaction has provided us with the trust and loyalty of our customer base.

Our History

The Beginning

Integrity and commitment to service was the foundation for Michael and Roy Renzi when they started their fresh wholesale meat distribution company in 1977; aptly named Renzi Bros. Inc. With no prior business experience or higher education, the two brothers ventured on an entrepreneurial journey with the hope of success for their American Dream. Their tenacity and hard work paid off and Renzi Bros. Inc. soon became a successful and thriving business; the ten years that followed were met with excitement, growth and expansion. Renzi Bros. Inc. became a leading broad-line foodservice distributor expanding their service territory throughout Upstate New York. In 1987, due to rapid growth, they moved from a small warehouse to a larger facility on Bradley Street in Watertown, New York.

A Family Affair

In the late '90's, Mike's sons, John, Jude and David Renzi took an active leadership role in the company, along with their four sisters, all who have played or continue to play an integral role within the family business. With new leadership and vision, came a new name and mission for the company. Renzi Bros. Inc. became Renzi Foodservice, one of the largest family-owned and operated companies in Northern and Central New York. In 2007, Renzi Foodservice opened their state-of-the-art facility at 901 Rail Drive in Watertown, New York and have had multiple expansions to the facility; meeting the ever-changing demands and growth of the foodservice industry. With the second generation at the helm, Renzi Foodservice quickly garnered a reputation for unsurpassed quality of service to its customers with loyal support to their employees and the communities for which they serve. This commitment to service has been the cornerstone to Renzi Foodservice's Delivering the Difference mission and vision.

Renzi Foodservice Today

Today, Renzi Foodservice is a vibrant, growing business. Our purpose as a company is to be a leader in the foodservice industry through creativity, innovation and unrivaled customer service. Our mission of Delivering the Difference to our customers, employees and community is woven into the fabric of our core values. Honesty, integrity and business ethics are the values that were set forth by the founders and continue today. Renzi's team approach model encompasses all aspects of our business and is what sets us apart from our competitors. From our sales consultants, purchasing and merchandising departments, warehouse operations, and delivery drivers; all levels of the business act as one with the sole objective to meet and exceed our customers' needs. This pro-active approach to our business ensures our mission of Delivering the Difference to our customers is fulfilled on a daily basis.


Our Mission

Delivering the Difference to our employees by offering a professional and caring work environment which allows them to grow personally and professionally.

Delivering the Difference to our customers by providing superior personal interaction and personal service at competitive pricing through a team approach to sales.

Delivering the Difference to our community by investing in its businesses, organizations, people and resources.


Our Values

Everything we do, we believe in supporting families. We believe families come first.