Renzi Seafood Guide

Set Sail with Savings this Seafood Season with Renzi Foodservice!

In this guide, our Renzi Culinary Team has developed a boatload of delicious seafood ideas to inspire your menu offerings. Plus, we've compiled manufacturer rebates for many of the items featured – making it easy for you to reel in the savings (up to $4,000+!) this season.

What you'll find inside this year's Renzi Seafood Guide:

    • Easy-to-execute and profitable seafood ideas, including labor-friendly items to help simplify and delicious new recipes
    • Renzi tips to help you save time, boost profitability and deliver delicious tasting meals - every time
    • Information on how to save $4,000+ with rebates on items featured in this guide (access the rebates below!)

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Featured Rebates

For your convenience, we've included all the manufacturer rebates featured in our Seafood Guide below - along with the corresponding Renzi item codes!

High Liner Foodservice - Up to $500 in savings!

High Liner can help you maximize your returns during the Lenten period with seafood solutions that are on-trend, low on prep and big on flavor. Take advantage and save $5 per case on value-added shrimp products through 4/30/2023!

Click here to download the rebate

King & Prince Seafood - Up to $1,000 in savings!

Save big this season with an incredible rebate from King & Prince Seafood! Buy a minimum of 3 cases from 3 categories (specialty, shrimp and fish – all featured here) and get $10 off per case through 4/30/23!

Click here to download the rebate

Stratas - Up to $500 in savings!

Save $10 per case with the Stratas Switch n' Save rebate through 12/31/23! Plus, join their Operator Partnership Program to save money with their quarterly case purchase tiers!

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Join the Stratas Partnership Program

McCain - Up to $1,200 in savings!

Check out McCain Insiders Club for money-saving rebates all year long! Plus, McCain is offering additional rebates on appetizers to keep the savings coming through 6/30/23!

McCain Insiders Club Rebate

Appetizer Rebate

V'DGZ Appetizer Rebate

Tampa Maid Foods - Up to $100 in savings!

Get $5 off cases of Ocean Innovations and Mariner Jack products from Tampa Maid through 12/31/23!

Click here to download the rebate

Campbell’s - Up to $800 in savings!

Save $4 per case on a variety of Campbell's items through 4/30/23!

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