A US Foods® Exclusive Product Innovation Program

Introducing Scoop™: We welcome Renzi Foodservice to the US Foods® family – and right on the heels of our current innovation!


Get to Know the US Foods Exclusive Product Innovation Program:

Scoop, our exclusive product-innovation launch, is all about food and fresh ideas designed to inspire your culinary vision.

Every year, we bring 50-60 on-trend items to market across a range of categories. These items make their debut in Scoop magazine. You'll discover cutting-edge back-of-house convenience and the ingredients diners want.

And you'll also find the information, insights, application ideas and recipes to make your menu shine.

Explore New Scoop Products and Recipes

Trend-tapping is easy with this edition of Scoop. Our innovative approaches to products with trending modern flavors, with the added bonus of our careful market analysis, means we're offering products that can help you catch the eye of diners with creative takes on trending dishes.

In the back of the house, Scoop products help you save time and get creative on the plate, while keeping profits strong.



Check out the below video playlist to learn more about all our new Scoop products!

US Foods Holding Corp. acquired Renzi Foodservice on July 7, 2023.