Menu Analysis & Engineering

Renzi Menu Solutions

The Main Components:

Menu Analysis

Your dedicated Renzi sales consultant will work with you one-on-one to conduct a thorough menu cost analysis. Here's the information we'll need to make this process the most beneficial for you:

      • A list of all items/ingredients and costs for each item
      • Batch recipes – everything you serve at your establishment and the portions/yields
      • Plate portions – all items on your menu and how much goes onto each plate served
      • Current menu with pricing
      • Sales reports – typically can be pulled from your point-of-sale system

Renzi Resource: Menu Analysis How-To Guide

If you haven't completed a menu analysis before or aren't sure how to compile the information, our culinary team is here to assist! They've put together this brief how-to guide for more details on the process and why it's so important to the success of your business. Not sure how to approach your batch recipes or plate portions? Click here to view!

Menu Engineering

Our goal is to ensure you have a profitable mix of items and that they are strategically categorized on your menu to help you drive sales and boost your bottom line! Our culinary team will collaborate with you to analyze and make recommendations on how to set up your menu so the items are working foryou.

        • Using sales reports and menu analysis, we will use the industry standard matrix to determine which items should stay on your menu and which items you may want to consider eliminating or reworking.
        • The four common item categories include:
          • DogLow profitability and low popularity
            Items that are expensive to make or labor intensive to prepare that are not ordered often – potentially consider eliminating or reworking
          • Plow HorseLow profitability and high popularity
            Items that are expensive to make or labor intensive to prepare, but guests love to order – consider ways to lower food costs
          • PuzzleHigh profitability and low popularity
            Items that have high profit margin but are being overlooked by guests for some reason – presents an opportunity to rework and boost promotions
          • StarHigh profitability and high popularity
            Items that make your menu shine and help define why you're in business – these should be highlighted and prominently featured on your menu and in promotions

Team Renzi will help you determine all categories and assist you with developing a plan to move forward with a more strategic and profitable menu.

Menu Engineering Fun Fact!

The industry standard menu engineering terms described above are based on the highly regarded book, "Menu Engineering: A Practical Guide to Menu Analysis" by Michael Kasavana and Donald Smith.

Note: While we highly recommend completing our Menu Analysis & Engineering phase first to ensure your menu is most profitable prior to initiating the Menu Design phase, we understand this may not be necessary for all customers and may adjust this process on a case-by-case basis.