Menu Design

Renzi Menu Solutions

Once you've completed the Menu Analysis & Engineering phase of the process and we are confident that your menu is as profitable as possible – it's time for the fun part! The next step is Menu Design. With both full-service and self-serve solutions available, we offer options that work for your unique needs.

Prime: Full-Service Menu Solutions

As your trusted local distributor, Renzi Foodservice is proud to offer full-service complimentary menu solutions to our most valued partners. Our Prime menu design tier is our full suite of design expertise from start to finish – including exclusive collaboration with our creative and design team to bring your menu to life, editing and revisions, proofreading and coordination of printing services.

Menu Inspiration

Let our team help create a customized menu design that showcases your establishment in the best light possible! To get started, please compile the following materials:

    • Finalize all your menu text in a Word document, including descriptions and prices
    • Gather your high-resolution logo and any photos you’d like to incorporate in your menu or use as inspiration (e.g. photos of featured dishes if requested, interior/exterior photos of your restaurant, etc.)

Start thinking about the overall look and feel that you envision - and compile any unique details about your story that could spark creativity! 

Design Consultation

Here comes the fun part – or as we like to say, the icing on the cake!

    • Once menu engineering has been completed and all necessary information is received, your dedicated menu designer will send you an introductory email to confirm the direction of the project and will be happy to coordinate a kickoff call with you to discuss further, if requested.
    • Our team will then take your direction and design a creative and customized menu that you will be proud to display to your guests! 
Printing Coordination

Once you are completely satisfied and provide final approval on your menu, our team is happy to provide printing recommendations and coordinate production for you through our valued local partners (an exact quote would be provided before proceeding).

    • We can also provide you with a digital file if you prefer to handle printing on your own – your choice!
    • Please note: Customers are responsible for all printing charges.

Choice: Self-Serve Menu Solutions

Looking for a more hands-off menu solution? You got it! We know you may not be ready to go through the full menu engineering process or have the time to collaborate with our expert design team – but you still need a menu to promote your offerings! Our Choice menu design tier gives you the freedom to do it your way. This option is ideal if you want the ability to change pricing on the fly or update your menu features on a frequent basis.

While there are many menu template websites online, our team has explored the options (so you don’t have to!) and has developed some quick tips to help you through the process.

Renzi Recommendation: Adobe Express

This offering allows you design your own menu online for free – simply select a template that aligns with your vision, input your menu content and pricing, and download as a PDF to share with your preferred printing partner. With an easy-to-use interface and high-quality templates, this option is a worthwhile choice if you want to be in the driver's seat. Click here to learn more about this option

For quick tips on menu design using Adobe Express from our creative and design team, head on over to our Menu Resources page!